IT Asset Managment



In the times of crisis in the non-homogeneous IT environment it is necessary to make a series of optimizations in order to save money and to improve the efficiency of business processes. In large organizations, without the automation, it is almost impossible to track the use of information assets in a background, identify the software that is not used, to get the accurate information about the user applications for multi-user machines, and also provide detailed reports on use of property and to monitor the work of machines that are not always interconnected.





Some of the requirements management are:

  • reduce licensing costs and software maintenance
  • increase the productivity of the service center
  • reduce the risks associated with the incompatibility of license agreements and contractual obligations
  • making more precise and more complete migration plans
  • optimize of the budget for IT equipment
  • reducing costs of manual inventorying, search, normalization, and data reporting

Centralized control of the software usage and detailed reporting gives the information about use of standard, non-standard, and even banned applications in the system, eg. hacker tools or P2P applications. Maintaining data on current licenses is complicated and extremely expensive process. Automation of monitoring of licensed and unlicensed software in the system has become a necessity. One of the functions of the system used to compare the number of licenses actually purchased the software with volume license. Consistent use of automated solutions customers are able to unify the formats of documents relating to the purchase of software licenses.

The solution we offer provides:

  • Reducing the time to compare the number of state licenses and the use of a catalog of licensed software products
  • Directly entering data on purchased licenses
  • Organization products in group
  • Manage IT contracts (leasing, maintenance, warranty and SLA ...)
  • Monitoring and informing administrators about the important dates of the contract (start, end date and contract extension)
  • Linking licensing agreements with property, users and organizational units
  • To establish this solution NAPS uses Novell Zenworks Asset Management software.