Operational Risk


Basel Accord identifies operational risk as a detached exposure that should not only be adequately capitalized and well managed than by banks. Technological solutions for the management of operational risk and GRC (Engl. Governance, Risk and Compliance) provide opportunities:

  • access to all parts of the bank management system
  • methodology for self-assessment and development of key risk indicators
  • compliance with local regulatory laws


NAPS use the knowledge of the top experts and their analytical skills and appropriate technology to create solutions for managing operational risks.




Selection and implementation of a platform for operational risk management

  • Definition, differential analysis, project management
  • Implementation of projects with a choice of optimal software solutions
  • Making expert models of operational risk management, the definition of parameters KRI
  • Optimization parameters TCO and ROI
  • Testing and Training

Consulting services

  • Defining a framework for operational risk management,
  • Development of policies and procedures for financial institutions
  • Develop a methodology for testing control
  • Gap analysis of business requirements and specifications
  • The choice of technology solutions
  • Training and workshops

Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Basel II
  • MiFID
  • ISO / IEC 27001 - Information Security Management (ISMS)
  • ISO / IEC 27005 - Information Risk Management (Information security risk management)
  • BS 25999 - Business Continuity Management (BCM)