Credit Risk Management



Recent development in the financial services market and regulatory pressures have changed the ways of managing credit risk. Increasing the level of risk in the system, along with reduced customers ability to take a credit has resulted in increasing reliance on analytics, models, collecting accurate data.

NAPS use high quantitative experts, their analytical skills and appropriate technology to produce optimal solutions for credit risk management.



Our specific services offer

  • Data quality and testing - integration of different sources of information and the definition of a common set of data
  • Validation of models and optimization - Independent validation methodology, analysis and implementation of market risk management models
  • VaR analytics - Development and implementation of VaR management processes
  • Internal audit services - Analytical support teams of internal audit
  • Stress test - An independent test of stress models of market risk
  • Data Collection and Cleaning - linking multiple data sources and provide a framework for identifying current and accurate values